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Public Notices

Malahide Budget Committee Meetings will be held...
The Malahide Tertiary Water Supply System...
Please be advised that the Council of the...
Click here for information on Municipal Services during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  (Including Garbage Collection, Bag Tags, Building Permits, Council Meetings, Facilities, Dog Licences, Open Air Burning etc.)
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons in possession of any land or a lot in a registered plan of subdivision or on any lot not exceeding ten acres, in accordance with the Weed Control Act, Statutes of Ontario, 1990, Chapter W.5, Section 3, 13, 16, 18 and 23, that unless noxious weeds growing on their lands within the municipalities listed below are destroyed by June 8, 2020 and throughout the...
Under the current declaration of a State of Emergency in Malahide Township, we are pleased to advise that Open Air Burn permits for farm properties continue to be issued throughout the Township.  Please ensure that you are strictly complying with the terms of your Permit to ensure that our staff are not unnecessarily called upon to respond.  Our volunteer firefighters not only respond to fire,...
Minutes can seem like an eternity to those waiting for help.   Everyday, police, fire, and ambulance vehicles respond to urgent calls.   Precious time lost getting there could mean the difference between life and death. The biggest problem for emergency vehicles in reaching the scene is motorists who don’t allow responding vehicles to get through, especially during peak traffic times.PULL TO THE...
The E-Waste Bin program at Malahide Community Place has been temporarily suspended. In the interim, those wanting to donate electronic waste to the program can drop off items at the STEAM Education Centre located at 745 Talbot Street in St. Thomas. An Electronic Waste (e-waste) Bin has been installed, in partnership with the Elgin County Library Branches and the STEAM Centre in St. Thomas. Drop...
E-Transfers Now Accepted

The Township of Malahide is now accepting e-transfers as a new payment service available to its residents and customers.
Any bills or accounts with the Township of Malahide can be paid with...

Sharing the Road with Farm Machinery

Farm machinery moves quite slowly compared to other road users. Most tractors and combines have a maximum speed of 40 km/h, but travel at less than 40 km/h when towing implements or wagons. Farm...

Class Environmental Assessment

Malahide and South West Oxford - Environmental Assessment - Replacement of the Pressey Line Bridge.  
Prepared by CJDL Consulting Engineers.  ...