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Public Notices

Elgin County Council adopted the following...
Click Here for information regarding Malahide...
Native tree seedlings are available for Malahide...
Recently, many signs, including stop signs, civic addressing signs, and road naming signs have been vandalized and/or stolen.   Those who engage themselves in the vandalism or theft of these signs can be charged, but it also endangers others.  These signs are put up for the safety of our residents. If you are found guilty of removing a sign that causes injury to persons or property you could be...
Effective June 20, 2016, Public Health will no longer be picking up residential drinking water samples at the Township Office for delivery to the Public Health Lab.    Residents will now have to deliver water sample bottles directly to the Public Health Lab, 1230 Talbot Street, St. Thomas.   Residents will still be able to pick up the actual water bottles for testing at the Township Office.Click...
Would you like to receive your utility billings and property taxes electronically?  The Township of Malahide now offers electronic delivery for all water and sewer billings and property taxes. To register to receive your water or sewer bill electronically, please follow these instructions: Click on this icon to access the e-billing portal Set up your profile using the on-screen prompts. Select...
See attached Poster for new items now accepted in your Blue Box.
Two beautiful cycling areas in the Township.  Cycling Map North Malahide, Cycling Map South Malahide. Drivers must leave a one-metre distance when passing cyclists, if possible. Those who fail to leave enough room may face a $110 fine and two demerit points. Anyone who "doors" a cyclist, or opens a car door and strikes a passing cyclist, will face a fine of $365 and three demerit points.
Road Construction

June 20 - 24, 2016.

Construction Gravel Program on Dorchester Road and Rogers Road will start June 20 and be completed by June 24, and preparation for hard surfacing to follow.

East Elgin Community Complex - On-Line Booking Now Available

East Elgin Community Complex - On-Line Booking Now Available - Click Here.

Farm Fire Safety Program

Farmers, please take a moment to read the Farm Fire Safety Program.

You will learn Farm Fire Facts...