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2020 Roadside Tree Planting Program

Malahide Township Council began a tree planting program in 1987 and has planted over 5,000 trees to date. The trees are provided free provided they are planted adjacent to the road allowance within the Township of Malahide
Anyone interested in acquiring trees should phone the Township Office at 773-5344 before April 6, 2020.
 The following conditions apply and limitations may be necessary depending on the response from ratepayers to this tree planting program:                
As a recipient of these trees, the following conditions must be met:
1.       All trees shall be planted 1 to 1.5 meters from a 66' road allowance.  Trees may not be planted on the Road Allowance.  If you are on a County Road, you must check with the County of Elgin directly, before planting, for their requirements 631-1460 (ext. 4).
2.       All trees shall be placed no closer than 10 meters (33') apart.
3.       All trees must be planted 5 meters (16') away from hydro lines.
To help ensure that your trees survive, we advise you of the following:
1.             Plant the trees as soon as possible.
2.             Do not trim any branches the first year (except broken ones).
3.             Cracked or broken roots should be trimmed off.
4.             Plant the tree to the same depth as planted at the nursery.
5.             Adequately water the trees until they are well established.
Please note that the Road Works Department will be making an inspection after the trees are planted to ensure that all trees are along the road allowance.