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Animal Control

  • Dog Tags

    Dog tags are available at the Township Office at 87 John Street South, Aylmer.

    Failure to register your dog for a licence or failure to renew your dog licence will result in a fine of $130.00.   Our dog licencing officers will be enforcing this after the March 31st deadline.

    Township of Malahide Dog License 2020:

    Before March 31st
    1 Dog: $34.50, 2 Dogs: $74.00, 3 Dogs: $133.50
    Kennel: $142.00

    After March 31st
    1 Dog: $67.50, 2 Dogs: $140.00, 3 Dogs: $232.50
    Kennel: $175.00

  • Kennel License

    Operation of a Kennel

    Anyone wishing to operate a Kennel must be zoned for the same.   Please note that a Kennel Club License issued by the Township's Dog Licensing Officer only means you belong to the Canadian Kennel Association or the American Kennel Association- it does not mean your property is zoned to operate as a Kennel.  The Township by-law permits you to have a maximum of 3 adult dogs on the property.  All questions with regards to this should be directed to the Director of Municipal Services Eugenio DiMeo at (519) 773-5344.

  • Stray Dogs

    Dog Control

    Pick up of a Stray - Call Bayham K-9 Control (Rodger Martin) at (519) 983-6036 during regular business hours.   The dog must be confined.  If you have complaints about a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog, please contact the Township office By-law Enforcement Officer at (519) 773-5344.  If you have a lost dog or if you are looking to adopt a new pet, see the City of St. Thomas Website.   The Township of Malahide uses the St. Thomas Animal Shelter.  If you find a dog and can confine it, call Bayham K-9 Control for pick-up; or you can take it to the shelter directly.  For more information regarding the shelter and services offered, please visit their new website.

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