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Electronic Maps (GIS)

The Township of Malahide has a Geographic Information System (GIS) which is a computer hardware and software system capable of storing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying spatial data and related attribute data. GIS enables digital mapping information files to graphically represent a database of information. 

The Township of Malahide can provide this type of information for land based inquiries (e.g. property parcels and road networks), water/waste water department inquiries (e.g. sewer locations, curb stops and water mains) and drainage department inquiries (e.g. drains and culverts).  The Township of Malahide has a joint partnership agreement with the Municipality of Bayham and the Town of Aylmer that allows Malahide to provide aerial maps and data of their municipal governments.

We encourage anyone who is interested in any of these products or has mapping inquiries to contact the Township office for more details.


GIS Property Map including Property (MPAC) parcels and Road Network only

$10.00 per map plus HST

$8.00 per pdf document plus HST

Additional GIS Layers $2.00 per Layer plus HST
GIS Custom Maps $40.00 minimum fee for up to 1/2 hour of GIS Technician’s time. Thereafter $15.00 for a minimum of 15 minute intervals. Map is extra. Plus HST.