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Planning Applications

Development Applications

The County of Elgin is the Approval Authority for Official Plans, Official Plan Amendments and Plans of Subdivision/Condominium.  Online application and approval forms are available as well as an Applicant’s Guide for Subdivision/Condominium.  Elgin County is also a commenting agency for local applications such as zoning by-law amendments, consents, minor variances and site plans. (The application process is funded through user fees as set out in County of Elgin  By-Law 13- 10)

Plans of Subdivision/Condominium
Elgin County is the Approval Authority for Plans of Subdivision and Condominium Descriptions.  More information about how to apply for a Plan of Subdivision or a Plan of Condominium is available at the following links Applicant’s GuideThis is a pdf and Application FormThis is a pdf.

Local Municipal Official Plan Amendment
The County of Elgin is the Approval Authority for local municipal Official Plans and Official Plan  Amendments.  Applications for local municipal Official Plan Amendments are submitted to the local municipality and if adopted by the local municipal Council, the Official Plan Amendment is forwarded to the County for a decision.  In the course of preparing the Official Plan and/or Amendment the local municipality is required to consult with the Approval Authority in accordance with Section 17 (15) of the Planning Act. 

County Official Plan Amendment
Applications to amend the Elgin County Official Plan are made directly to the County.  Applicants are advised to consult with the Planning Department before submitting an application.  Applications forms are available through the County Planning Department.

Who Should I Contact?
If you are considering making an application which requires planning approvals, it is recommended that you start by contacting the appropriate municipal office as follows:

Application Contact
Plan of Subdivision County of Elgin
Plan of Condominium County of Elgin
County Official Plan Amendment County of Elgin
Local Municipal Official Plan Amendment Local Municipality
Zoning By-Law Amendment Local Municipality
Building Permit Local Municipality
Site Plan Local Municipality
Minor Variance Local Municipality
Consent (severance)

Local Municipality/Elgin County
Land Division Committee


Land Use Planning & Appeal Process - Local Planning Appeal Support Centre 

Please note that it may be in your best interest to speak to the Development Services Department, prior to submitting an application.  These forms must be submitted directly to the Township Office along with the required deposit.

Amendment to Zoning By-law
Amendment to the Official Plan
Minor Variance or for Permission
Site Plan Agreement
Land Severance Application

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has a great resource that answers many planning questions.   Check it out at "Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning".

Official Plan

The Township has compiled a wide variety of information that may be of interest for business and economic development in the Township.

Land Use Documents

Official Plan
Map Showing Future Land Use of the Township
Map Showing Future Land Use in the Former Village of Springfield
Map Showing Future Land Use in Port Bruce

Zoning By-law

Zoning is a means to regulate the use of land in a community by designating permitted uses for properties.  The zoning by-law regulates the nature, location, scale and land uses within the Township.

This is not a complete copy of the Zoning By-law.  A complete copy of the By-law can be reviewed or purchased for $36.16 from the Township of Malahide Office