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Education & Schools

Redirecting your taxation school support for the Publically Funded School Boards

Parents or ratepayers can specifically request a change in the direction of their school taxation support or school electoral status. Go to the MPAC website/ Contact Us section.  Click "Contact Us".  Scroll down to "nature of enquiry" and choose "update school support information" from drop down box and attach supporting document (a letter with a signature). MPAC will update their records and the change will become effective the following taxation year on your Notice of Property Assessment.

Provincially Funded School Boards

Thames Valley District School Board (English Language)  (519) 452-2000
Your School Board Trustees (English Public):

Bruce Smith Meagan Ruddock
Phone: (519) 452-2000 Ext 22407 Phone: (519) 452-2000 Ext 22403
Email: Email:

London District Catholic School Board (English Language)  (519) 663-2088
Your School Board Trustee  (English Catholic):
William J. Hall, 81 Vanbuskirk Drive, St. Thomas, Ontario. N5R 4Z3
519-631-6694 -

French-Language Catholic School Board - Conceil Scolaire Catholiques de Sud-Ouest - French Catholic.
Your School Board Trustee (French Catholic):
Philippe Morin
Phone:  519-851-9601

French-Language Public School Board  - Conceil Scolaire Viamonde - French Public.
Your School Board Trustee (French Public):
Pierre Lambert
Phone: 519-381-0709

Provincially Funded Schools attended by students living in the Township of Malahide

Elementary Schools

  • Assumption Holy Rosary School, located in Aylmer, (519) 773-3117
  • Springfield Public School, (519) 765-4162
  • South Dorchester Public School, (519) 765-4090
  • Summers Corners Public School, (519) 773-8106

Secondary School

  • East Elgin Secondary School, located in Aylmer, (519) 773-3174

Privately Funded Schools attended by students living in the Township of Malahide

  • Calton Christian School, (519) 765-1721
  • Immanuel Christian School, located in Aylmer, (519) 773-8476
  • Mt. Salem Christian School, (519) 765-3555