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Drainage Division

In Malahide there are 371 Municipal Drains.  The longest closed Municipal Drain is the Adam Empey Drain which is over 6 km long.  The longest open Municipal Drain is the Catfish Creek Drain which is over 17 km long.

What is a Municipal Drain?

Municipal drains have been a fixture of rural Ontario's infrastructure since the 1800’s.  Most municipal drains were constructed to improve the drainage of agricultural land by serving as the discharge point for private agricultural tile drainage systems. However, they also remove excess water collected by roadside ditches, residential lots, churches, schools, industrial lands, commercial lands and any other properties in rural areas.  They are a vital component of the local infrastructure.  Without them, many areas of the province would be subjected to regular flooding, reduced production from agricultural land and increased public health risks.  For more information please see the fact sheet issued by the Province.

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