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Municipal Water

Municipal water is located throughout the Township on various water distribution systems.  There is a 12” watermain serving the southern portion of the Township.  There is an 18” watermain providing water east of Aylmer along Highway # 3.  Properties not abutting a waterline have a private source of water (private wells).

E-Mail of Property Tax Bills and Utility Bills

In an effort to become more efficient and effective in the processing of Property Tax Bills and Utility Bills, the Township of Malahide is offering residents the opportunity to receive Property Tax Bills and Water Bills by e-mail as opposed to regular mail.  There is absolutely no requirement to sign up for this service.  We understand that some residents may not be able to take advantage of this service due to limited connectivity.

Receiving your Property Tax and Water Bills by e-mail will allow you to easily file these important documents electronically for future reference.  Further, you will be able to access these bills wherever you have access to your e-mail.  We see this Green Initiative as a value added service to residents of Malahide.  

To sign up for E-Mail of future Property Tax Bills and/or Water Bills, it will be necessary for you to make payment through Internet or Telephone banking, Pre-authorized payment plan, your Mortgage Provider or at the Township Office.  Financial institutions are not able to accept Property Tax and/or Water Bills that are not original documents produced by the municipality. 

Please feel free to contact Tanya Hoover at 519-773-5344 ext. 236 with any questions that you may have regarding this service.

Pre-Authorized Payment Form

If you choose, you can have your water bill paid automatically through most banking institutions.  Download form here.

Tenant Properties

Property Owners must complete and submit the Authorization Agreement to direct water bills to a tenant.  Requests received from a tenant will not be accepted.  Please read the agreement carefully to understand a Property Owner’s responsibility for a tenant’s utility billing. Download from here.

Tenants must notify the Township of the end of their lease arrangements to terminate their water service and request a final billing.  Please complete the attached form and submit it to the office IN ADVANCE of the termination date.
Download from here