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Private Wells

Water Bottle Testing

The Township of Malahide is no longer accepting residential drinking water samples.   Elgin St. Thomas Public Health will continue to accept residential water samples at:
1230 Talbot Street, St. Thomas.  -  Every Tuesday before 11:30 a.m. and Every Thursday before 11:30 a.m..  (Please ensure your water sample is taken within 24 hours of submission).  
Alternatively, Water Samples may be dropped off directly to the Ontario Public Health Lab located at:
850 Highbury Avenue North, London -  Monday - Friday:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
You can pick up your free water sample bottle at the Township Office during regular business hours.

Well Disinfection

The following information has been provided by Elgin St. Thomas Public Health.  Please direct any inquiries directly to Public Health at 519-631-9900.
Drinking water is usually obtained from the groundwater table through the establishment of a dug well constructed of concrete tile rings (as shown on the reverse), a drilled well, or a sand point well - the latter two being constructed of steel piping.  In order to protect your well, contaminated water from tile drains, livestock operations and roof eaves must be directed away from it.
Water in a dug well which is of brick construction, is susceptible to contamination unless the joints between each course of brick are sealed (down to a depth of 3 m or 10 feet).

When drinking water is contaminated, it can be disinfected by following the directions described below:

Dug Well (0.9m [3 feet] diameter)

Water Depth

Household Bleach

1.5m / 5ft 1.1L / 1qt
3.0m / 10ft 2.2L / 2qt
4.5m / 15ft 3.3L / 3qt
6.0m / 20ft 4.4L / 4qt
7.5m / 25ft 5.5L / 5qt
9.0m / 30ft 6.6L / 6qt
10.5m / 35ft 7.7L / 7qt
12.0m / 40ft 8.8L / 8qt

Sandpoint or Drilled Well (up to 15cm [6 inch] diameter)

Water Depth

Household Bleach
Milliliters/Fluid Ounces

7.6m / 25ft 140ml / 5fl oz
15m / 50ft 280ml / 10fl oz
22.8m / 75ft 420ml / 15fl oz
30.0m / 100ft 560ml / 20fl oz
38.0m / 125ft 700ml / 25fl oz
45.0m / 150ft 840ml / 30fl oz
53.0m / 175ft 980ml / 35fl oz
61.0m / 200ft 1120ml / 40fl oz

Mix with several litres of water and then add to well - an approximate concentration of 150 parts per million of Free Available Chlorine will be produced.

After the chlorinated solution is added to the well, turn on all inside cold water taps to draw the well water into the pressure system (a smell of chlorine should be noticeable at the taps).  Then, allow the water in the well and distribution system to remain standing for several hours (overnight should be sufficient) in order to obtain an effective destruction of coliform bacteria.

The heavily-chlorinated water should not be used for personal uses and the contents of the well and distribution system should be run to waste until the strong smell of chlorine disappears.  DO NOT INVOLVE YOUR SEPTIC TANK AND LEACHING BED.  Allow three (3) to five (5) days to pass before submitting a sample for laboratory testing, and until satisfactory results are available, you should continue to boil (for five (5) minutes), or batch chlorinate your drinking water needs (two (2) drops of household bleach added to one (1) litre of water - stir and allow to stand for 15 minutes).