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Malahide’s Municipal Elections will take place on Monday, October 22, 2018 with qualified voters selecting Municipal Council and District School Board members for a four-year term of office.  Below is the nomination list for the office of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councillor. (Updated as of July 27, 2018 @ 2:05 p.m.)
Click here for List of Certified Candidates

Click here for Declaration of Acclamation to Office 

Mayor Nomination List                                                             Contact Information

Name Mennill, Dave 519-773-8850          
Qualifying Address 51200 Vienna Line  
Mailing Address 51200 Vienna Line, R.R.#2, Aylmer, ON   N5H 2R2  

Deputy Mayor Nomination List

Name Faulds, Paul 519-765-4410
Qualifying Address 13245 Imperial Road
Mailing Address 13245 Imperial Road, Springfield, ON   N0L 2J0   
Name Giguère, Dominique 548-888-6252
Qualifying Address 4499 Springfield Road
Mailing Address 4499 Springfieldl Road, Aylmer,  ON   N5H 2R2       


Name Jenkins, James 519-644-1445 
Qualifying Address 46850 Wilson Line
Mailing Address 46850 Wilson Line, R.R.#1, Belmont, ON   N0L 1B0


Councillor - Ward 1 Nomination List

Name Steenbergen, George A. 519-495-6720
Qualifying Address 46948 Ron McNeil Line
Mailing Address 46948 Ron McNeil Line, Aylmer, ON    N5H 2R6             


Name Widner, Mark 519-773-2426    
Qualifying Address 48963 College Line        
Mailing Address 48963 College Line, Aylmer, ON    N5H 2R3              

Councillor - Ward 2 Nomination List

Name Moore, Max 519-765-4088          
Qualifying Address 51104 Nelson Street  
Mailing Address 51104  Nelson Street P.O. BOX 122, Springfield, ON   N0L 2J0  

Councillor - Ward 3 Nomination List

Name Cerna, Rick 519-983-6899
Qualifying Address 8150 Carter Road
Mailing Address 25 12th Concession Road, Langton, ON   N0E 1G0  


Name Phillimore, Emily 519-630-6559
Qualifying Address 49459 Nova Scotia Line 
Mailing Address 49459 Nova Scotia Line, Aylmer, ON   N5H 2R2  

Councillor - Ward 4 Nomination List

Name Lewis, Scott 519-765-3834   
Qualifying Address 53376 Nova Scotia Line
Mailing Address 53376 Nova Scotia Line, Port Burwell, ON   N0J 1T0   


Name Wales, Mark 519-773-7352   
Qualifying Address 3585 Imperial Road
Mailing Address 3585 Imperial Road, Aylmer, ON   N5H 2R2                

Councillor - Ward 5 Nomination List

Name Ferguson, Kevin 519-773-7229 
Qualifying Address 48023 Calton Line
Mailing Address 48023 Calton Line, Aylmer, ON   N5H 2R4              


Name Glinski, Chester 519-773-7216   
Qualifying Address 52406 Calton Line
Mailing Address 52406 Calton Line, Aylmer, ON   N5H 2R5