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Community & Corporate Services

Building a community involves the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a neighbourhood.  Our community involves the gathering of towns, hamlets and rural areas working towards common interests that will benefit and bring prominence to the residents of Malahide Township.
Within Malahide Township our community building and development is apparent from our close knit communities that offer annual events and programs for its community members and surrounding area residents. 


The Township of Malahide provides a number of services to its’ residents.  Information on these services along with various reports on several of the Township’s services and activities can be found under the menu located on the left of this page.  Questions or concerns regarding these or other topics may be directed to any of our staff or a member of council.

Request for Municipal Grants

From time to time, the Council of the Township of Malahide is requested to provide financial assistance for a variety of community undertakings.  Under normal circumstances, only one request per organization is to be considered in a fiscal year.  All programs, projects and undertakings should be consolidated into one request.  This includes direct funds, property rental reductions, equipment donations, fee reductions, etc.  Fully completed applications for assistance must be received on an annual basis not later than October 31 in the year prior to the event.

User Fees

The Township of Malahide requires the payment of fees for information, services, activities and use of Township property.  The above User Fee Schedule provides the fees for a number of items including the following:

Civic Addressing

Civic Addressing refers to the blue and white number sign in front of your property.

These signs were installed for everyone's benefit.  Please ensure they are always visible from the road.  (Don't let grass or snow build up to cover these signs).  Emergency Service Vehicles (Ambulance, Fire, Police) are able to find your residence much easier because of this numbering system.  If a sign is missing or vandalized it could cause an emergency service vehicle to have a delayed response.


There are 1.9 million people in Ontario with disabilities.  This number is expected to increase as the population ages because the incidence of disability increases with age.  The Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA) was given Royal Assent on December 13, 2001, and is considered to be Canada's most comprehensive legislation to improve access for people with disabilities.  The purpose of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA) is to improve opportunities for people with disabilities and to provide for their involvement in the identification, removal and prevention of barriers


The Township of Malahide provides a variety of services to it's residents.  These services may be provided directly or in partnership with other service providers.  Please see the left-hand panel for more information on some of these services.

Cultivating Malahide

The purpose of Cultivating Malahide is to enhance and build upon existing planning instruments and practices such as the Official Plan, Asset Management Plan, and various other documents, policies and procedures that support municipal operations. Cultivating Malahide considers these planning elements in conjunction with one another in order to create a holistic approach to decision making that is intended to enhance the sustainability of the Township over the long-term.



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