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Municipal Drains

The Drainage Act, R.S.O. 1990 provides the legislative vehicle for the construction and management of many of the communal drainage systems in rural Ontario.

Physical Services

The Physicals Services Department is responsible for the management, maintenance operations and capital works for the roads, fleet, municipal water, storm and sanitary sewers, and waste management services provided by the Township.  In addition the Township acts as a maintenance contractor for the County of Elgin Road system.  For more information, please select a category from the list to the left of the page.

CAO/Clerk Department

The Township of Malahide offers a wide array of services to our residents, visitors, and businesses.  The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible to Council for the efficient and effective administration of the entire Township administration.  In order to meet the needs of our residents and partners, the Administration is organized into several Departments, each lead by a Director.

Clerk's Office

Council and Administrative Services

Clerk's Responsibilities

The Clerk's Office carries out a variety of duties, as defined by The Municipal Act and as directed by Council, including the preparation of Council meeting agendas, recording of minutes and distribution of communications resulting from Council proceedings.

Requests for delegations at a Council Meeting are arranged through the Clerk's Office, and should be requested prior to the Tuesday that precedes the Council Meeting.

Human Resources

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources division provides a wide variety of human resource functions and is responsible for:

• Planning, developing and administering policies and programs in the area of staff recruitment
• Training and developing employees
• Provide managers with the information they need to make decisions
• Work with other staff to ensure a safe work environment for all employees
• Work with departments to solve human resources matters

Contact Information

Tax Payment Options

Tax Installments

The Township mails out tax bills twice a year.  The Interim bills are generally mailed in mid February and the Final bills are generally mailed in mid August.  Each bill has two installments due on the following dates
Interim Bill:  1st installment is due March 15th, 2nd installment is due June 15th
Final Bill:  1st installment is due September 15th, 2nd installment is due November 15th
Note: Where the 15th falls on a weekend or a Statutory Holiday, taxes are then due on the next normal business day.

Property Tax Sales

If property taxes remain unpaid for a specific period of time, the Municipal Act provides for the sale of the property. The Township registers a Tax Arrears Certificate if taxes remain unpaid on vacant or improved land for three years prior to January 1 of any year. These time lines apply to both residential and non-residential classes of property.

Taxation & Assessment

Property Taxes

Property taxes provide the Township with the funds required to deliver many different day-to-day services and programs. This site will explain how the property tax system works, where your tax dollars are spent, and how you can quickly find answers to all your tax questions.