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Physical Services Department - Current Construction Projects

Contruction Projects as of August 14, 2017 by Malahide Roads Department  


• Avon Drive Rehabilitation (Helder Road to Avon) - Road recycling activities are complete and asphalt paving is scheduled in September. 

• Brooks Bridge Replacement (Lyons Line at Newell Road) - Lyons Line is now closed at Brooks Bridge while the bridge is being replaced. A detour route is planned along Imperial Road (County Road 73), Ron McNeil Line (County Road 52), and Whittaker Road (County Road 49). It is anticipated that the road will be closed until September to facilitate the bridge replacement. The remainder of the new bridge concrete was placed this past Saturday and form stripping and backfilling is scheduled to begin next week. The project is on schedule.


• Century Line Conversion Program – Gravel application scheduled for next week to both sections, with a double service treatment scheduled for September.

• Whittaker Road Conversion Program – Roadside ditching underway, geometric improvements to begin next week and a double surface treatment is scheduled for September. Road will be closed for the duration of the project. Completion anticipated by mid-September.

• Microsurfacing – A microsurface treatment will be applied to Wilson Line from Belmont Road to Imperial Road; as well as Dingle Line from the Aylmer Town Limits to Hacienda Road, and Caverly Road south of Brook Line. Work to commence in late August.

• Broadway Street Bridge – Restoration of site underway. Project completion is anticipated by August 18.