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Public Notices

Greening Communities - Trees Available

Native tree seedlings are available for Malahide landowners at an affordable rate to help “green” the municipality.   Minimum order of 20 trees.  Each tree is $2.00 or less and ranges in size from 60‐90 cm depending on the species.
Species available include:   White spruce, Norway spruce, White cedar, White pine,  Red maple, Sugar maple, Red oak, Sycamore, Tulip tree, White birch, Eastern redbud and Red Osier dogwood.

Contact your local Conservation Authority for more information about the Greening Communities program or for help in selecting species for your property.
Catfish Creek Conservation Authority -  519‐773‐9037 or 
Kettle Creek Conservation Authority  -  519‐631‐1270 or

Click here for Order Form.

Snow Deposited on Roadways

With the heavy accumulation of snow so far this winter, the Township of Malahide has received numerous complaints in relation to the way residents are removing snow from their private property.
Residents are reminded that The Corporation of Township of Malahide By-law No. 99-75 prohibits the throwing or depositing of any snow or ice onto or across a roadway.
Any person(s) found guilty and convicted of contravening this bylaw could be liable for the costs of the removal and cleanup and may be subject to a fine of up to $2000.00. 
Further, Section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario also makes it a Provincial offence to deposit snow or ice onto a roadway, and carries a monetary fine of $85.00.
Please be courteous to others, and deposit your snow onto your own property.

2017 Dog Tags

Dog tags will be issued via invoice to all dog owners in our system early in the new year.  The amount owing along with the due date will be noted on the invoice.   
Payments may be mailed in to the Township Office, made at the counter during regular business hours, or paid online.    If you have a new dog or do not receive an invoice, please contact the Township Office at your earliest convenience to obtain your dog tag. 

No Overnight Parking on Roads or Streets

We will be enforcing “No Overnight Parking” on all County and Township roads and streets in Malahide Township including Port Bruce and Springfield.
Effective November 15, 2016, for Winter Control Operations, all vehicles parked on the roadways or municipal properties between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. will be ticketed with a $25.00 fine. This by-law will be enforced diligently until March 15, 2017.

New Stop Signs at Railroad Crossings

To increase vehicular safety, Stop Signs have been erected at all non-signalized railway crossings on Malahide Township Roads.  Please obey the signs.
New Legislation requires that Stop Signs be installed on Carter Road, College Line, Rogers Road, Springer Hill Road and Walker Road.
If you are approaching a railway crossing with a Stop Sign you  must STOP.  It's the law.

New Zoning By-Law Launch Event - July 26, 2016



Tuesday July 26th, 2016 7:00 to 8:30PM

Malahide Community Place
12105 Whittaker Rd, Springfield, ON

The Township of Malahide, in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act, is undertaking the preparation of a new Zoning By-law to replace it's existing zoning by-law, being By-law No. 05-27 adopted by Council on April 21, 2005. As part of this process, a public consultation program is underway to make the community aware of the opportunities to participate in the process.
Monteith Brown Planning Consultants (MBPC) has been retained to prepare the new zoning by-law, and will facilitate a public 'launch event' to introduce the zoning by-law review process to local residents and stakeholders.
This launch event will include a presentation on how zoning works, and what it means to you and your ability to use your property and businesses as well as areas of the By-Law identified for change. An informal question and answer period will be included, enabling participants to provide input, ask questions and receive answers.
Information gathered from the public will assist Council in the decision making process as the development of the new Zoning By-Law progresses.
Additional information and opportunities to review a draft of the new Zoning By-law and provide further input will be scheduled in the future prior to consideration for approval. Notifications will be provided using media announcements in the local newspaper, posters, website updates and Face book postings.
We look forward to seeing you atthe Launch!
Should you have any questions or wish to provide any input on the Zoning By-Law, please do not hesitate to contact:

Michelle M. Casavecchia-Somers
Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
87 John Street South
Aylmer, ON N5H 2C3
Telephone: (519) 773-5344
Fax: (519) 773-5334

Jay McGuffin
Principal Planner
Monteith Brown Planning Consultants
610 Princess Avenue
London, ON N6B 2B9
Telephone: (519) 686-1300

PDF Version

Load Restrictions - Township Roads

The Township of Malahide would like to remind Commercial Vehicle Operators, that the Township places Load Restrictions on ALL of its roads from March 1 to April 30.  Drivers found to be in contravention of the By-law are subject to fines as set out in the Highway Traffic Act.  Some specialized farm vehicles are exempt.  If you are unsure if your vehicle is exempt, please check out this link.   Under special circumstances, an operator may obtain an exemption to the By-law.  Operators who qualify for an exemption are required to post a deposit with the Township.  More information may be obtained from the Township Office by contacting Robert Johnson at 519-773-5344 ext. 231.