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User Fees

The Township of Malahide requires the payment of fees for information, services, activities and use of Township property.  The above User Fee Schedule provides the fees for a number of items including the following:

  • Burial Permit fees
  • Planning Fees - official plan amendment applications, minor variance applications, site plan agreements, temporary use, subdivions and private septic system verification
  • Dog and Kennel Licence Fees
  • Community Building Fees - rental rates for Malahide Community Place and South Dorchester Community Hall
  • Financial Fees - tax certificates, zoning certificates, copying, preparation of maps
  • Fire and Emergency Services Fees - fire inspection and reports
  • Drainage - drainage report assessment splits
  • Road Department Fees - road entrance permits, moving permits

By-Law 15-84 User Fees and Charges for 2016-2018

By-Law 15-71 Water Rates for 2017

By-Law 15-65 Sewage Rates for 2015-2017