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Springfield Revitalization

Springfield Beautification & Revitalization Project

In the fall of 2016, the Township engaged students enrolled in the Land Planning Technology program at Fanshawe College to provide ideas for the improvement of public spaces such as streets, squares, and parks within the Village of Springfield. 
The students were given free reign without limit or scope for potential suggestions.  As such, you may notice that some of the ideas are located on privately-owned property and not just Township property.  Obviously, the Township cannot undertake improvements to private property, but you may see an idea that you really like that could be located elsewhere on Township property.
We will be seeking public input throughout the summer months and will compile all of the suggestions for Malahide Council’s consideration during the 2018 Budget deliberations.
Have a look at some of the creative and practical suggestions and ideas provided by the students.  Let us know what aspects you like or dislike.  Share your own ideas for the Village’s public spaces!

Please provide your comments with your thoughts on this exciting project in the form below!

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