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Community & Corporate Services

Building a community involves the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a neighbourhood.  Our community involves the gathering of towns, hamlets and rural areas working towards common interests that will benefit and bring prominence to the residents of Malahide Township.
Within Malahide Township our community building and development is apparent from our close knit communities that offer annual events and programs for its community members and surrounding area residents. 
The Community & Corporate Services Department is responsible for providing services to its residents including but not limited to
·        Issuing building permits
·        Planning
·        Managing civic and municipal buildings and properties
·        Economic Development &Tourism
·        Planning and staging of community events
·        Working with community groups and organizations
·        Programming of recreation facilities including baseball diamonds 
·        Maintenance of community halls, meeting rooms and parks
·        By-law Enforcement
·        Geographic information systems (GIS)
The department strives to provide the best services to our residents through our programs, services and facilities.  We are committed to communicating and cooperating with both the public and private sectors to ensure that an effective system of service is achieved.