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Waste Management Master Plan

The Municipalities of Bayham and Central Elgin and the Township of Malahide (collectively referred to as Municipalities) teamed up to develop a Waste Management Master Plan (Plan). Embedded within this plan is a Waste Recycling Strategy (Strategy) that deals specifically with Blue Box wastes.
The Municipalities, which have significant rural areas, provide their residents with garbage collection/disposal, Blue Box collection/processing and limited collection/processing of organics, municipal household special waste (MHSW) and waste electrical and electronics equipment (WEEE).
The current waste diversion rates of the Municipalities ranges from 15-31%.
The Municipalities initiated this 20 year (2012-2032) Plan and Strategy to assist with planning for waste management into the future and to see if and where there were opportunities to work together in this regard. The Plan focuses on wastes managed by the Municipalities (i.e. residential and limited industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I)).
This Plan sets out a strategy for waste management in the next 20 years. The focus of this Plan has been to reduce the amount of waste directed to landfill and increase the amount of waste diverted.
Waste disposal is fairly secure until 2024 at the earliest but possibly until at least 2036.
This Plan investigated ways to improve waste diversion. A Waste Recycling Strategy, embedded within this Plan, focused on how to improve Blue Box recycling.  Improvement of the capture of organic wastes and other wastes were also investigated.
The Municipalities have the potential through current and new programs help it attain a minimum 40% waste diversion goal. The Plan has staged increased waste diversion in steps. It is envisioned that a minimum 30% waste diversion will be attained by January 2014 and that a minimum 40% waste diversion will be attained by January 2016.
The cooperation of the Municipalities will play a critical role in the success of the Plan and the potential to deliver more cost effective services while at the same time increasing waste diversion. Current and future private waste management contractor(s) will play an important role in the success of this Plan by delivering high quality services that will allow the Municipalities to implement this Plan. Finally, it is the residents of the Municipalities, whose participation in the various waste diversion programs will determine whether this Plan is successful.

For detailed information, please see full document here.