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Economic Development

The Township of Malahide pursues economic development opportunities in partnership with the County of Elgin.  The County hosts an economic development department which actively promotes the Township and opportunities for businesses and tourism in and around the County. 

Progressive By Nature

The Elgin Business Resource Centre is active with new and small businesses to assist with start-up, training, etc.  This is a vital resource in our community for entrepreneurs along with existing businesses.

Discover Malahide

Malahide - A Proud tradition, a bright future.

Malahide Township is a prosperous community of more than 8,800 residents locatedwithin Elgin County.  Our rich history is preserved throughout our township within all of our communities.
Take a journey through Malahide and take a step back in time as you may see our local Amish community on a horse and buggy along the country road side.  Visit one of the many quaint restaurants within the community that will surely be satisfying.

Community Profile

A Message from the Mayor

Dear Members of the Business Community,
On behalf of Council of the Township of Malahide, I would like to thank-you for selecting the Township of Malahide as a potential location for doing business.

Waste Management Master Plan

The Municipalities of Bayham and Central Elgin and the Township of Malahide (collectively referred to as Municipalities) teamed up to develop a Waste Management Master Plan (Plan). Embedded within this plan is a Waste Recycling Strategy (Strategy) that deals specifically with Blue Box wastes.

Tire Recycling

Community Recycling Centre
NEW   "Effective January 1, 2017" Community Recycling Centre
The Township of Malahide has entered into an Agreement with the City of St. Thomas for the use of their Community Recycling Centre effective January 1, 2017.  Malahide Residents will be able to recycle used tires free of charge at the Community Recycling Centre, 330 South Edgeware Road, St. Thomas, Ontario.   Phone:  519-631-1680 ext. 4258.


The Township offers composters at cost, available at the Township Office.
Putting garden and kitchen material in a compost bin removes these materials from curbside waste collection and saves landfill space. Approximately 30% of household waste in Ontario is consists of yard material or food waste that is compostable.  Composting reduces greenhouse gases that are produced when organic material decomposes in a landfill without oxygen.

Garbage & Recycling

In 2011, the Township of Malahide established a new Integrated Waste Management Plan to guide our waste management strategies for the next 20 years. The goals of the Plan include providing sustainable services that also result in increased diversion of waste from landfill.
Bag Tag System
The following are the key components of this new bag tag system:
  • Each eligible assessed residential/commercial unit/property will be provided an amount of bag tags equal to approximately 1.3 tags per week (60 tags for 2019). 


Roads Division

The roads division consists of 12 operators, 2 Foreman and a Roads & Construction Manager.  The roads division of the Physical Services Department provides maintenance to both Township and County roads within the Municipality. Talbot Line (Highway #3) is a Ministry of Transportation patrolled and maintained road.  If you have any concerns or inquiries in regards to maintenance on this highway contact the MTO's maintenance contractor for this road - Craillion Canada Inc. (Main Office 519-603-1110,  24 Hour Service 1-855-557-8478)