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Open Air Burning

Under the current declaration of a State of Emergency in Malahide Township, we are pleased to advise that Open Air Burn permits for farm properties continue to be issued throughout the Township.  Please ensure that you are strictly complying with the terms of your Permit to ensure that our staff are not unnecessarily called upon to respond.  Our volunteer firefighters not only respond to fire, but to medical emergencies as well.  If they are responding to a burn complaint they may not be available to respond to someone in need as a result of COVID-19.
Without a permit, you may:
Have a recreational fire, no larger than 2 feet square
The smoke from your fire may not travel across a roadway or annoy your neighbour (See #1 below)
The fire must be supervised at all times and have a source of extinguishment close at hand.
With a permit, the requirements are:

  1. Smoke must not travel to a neighboring property to cause discomfort or loss of enjoyment or normal use of property, normal conduction of business or damage to property, or travel across any public road to the extent that it may cause a public safety hazard.
  2. The fire shall be located at least 30 meters (98.4 feet) horizontally and below any portion of a combustible structure, vegetation, or materials. Fire must be located at least 150 meters (492.1 feet) from any occupied building.
  3. The fire must be fully extinguished and burn site made safe at the completion of the burn.
  4. The fire must be supervised at all times – NO EXCEPTIONS
  5. Burn Pile shall not exceed 9 square meters in area and 2 meters in height while burning. Fires in an Agricultural zone are limited to 36 square meters and 2 meters in height.
  6. Fires not permitted between ½ hour after sunset and ½ hour before sunrise.
  7. All permits are suspended during periods where gusting or sustained wind speeds exceed 20 Kph.
  8. must have a means to call the fire department (cell phone) while the fire is burning and have tools and water available and on site to control the fire.
  9. Burning on municipal property is prohibited, including roadways and ditches.
  10. Complaints from neighbours or other contraventions will terminate this Permit
  11. Burning is automatically suspended when the Malahide Fire Chief issues a burning ban, or when a smog advisory or alert is issued.
  12. Only "Authorized Materials" prescribed in the By-law are permitted to be burned.
    1. Wood and wood by-products that have not been chemically treated, painted or stained.
    2. White or brown paper and cardboard for the purpose of starting a fire.
    3. Paper Seed Bags
    4. Dry brush, stumps, hay, straw, and grass or other dry yard or natural agricultural materials.
    5. Natural petroleum gases or liquids used as appliance fuels.
    6. Charcoal materials in a BBQ.
    7. Burning of petroleum products, such as roofing materials, tires, oil, rubber, or plastics is strictly prohibited.