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Public Notices

Interment/Burial Rights for Trinity Cemetery

The Trinity Cemetery located at 51996 Glencolin Line, Aylmer, Ontario, was abandoned to the Township of Malahide in 2008.

There are very few records available regarding either past or current Interment Rights Holders. Those are persons who hold the rights to inter/bury human remains in a specific plot/lot in the Cemetery.
As such, the Township of Malahide is requesting that any person who holds interment/burial rights for the Trinity Cemetery, contact the Township directly in order that such interment/burial rights can be confirmed and a specific lot/location in the Trinity Cemetery can be assigned and recorded.

Please note that all Interment Rights Holders will be required to provide supporting documentation to confirm such interment/burial rights.
Questions may be directed to undersigned.

Michelle Casavecchia-Somers
Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
Township of Malahide
87 John Street South
Aylmer, ON N5H 2C3
Tel - (519) 773-5344
Fax - (519) 773-5334
Email -

Print out available here.

Pesticide Use

The Municipality of the Township of Malahide, in the County of Elgin intends to control noxious weeds and woody brush along rural roadsides using the pesticide Estaprop XT (Dichlorprop 210 g a.e./L 2,4-D 400 g a.e/L, both present as 2-ethyl hexyl ester, Registration No. 29660) and Garlon RTU Herbicide (Triclopyr, 144 g acid equivalent/L present as butoxyethyl ester, Registration No. 29334)
Malahide will be spot spraying various areas throughout the Municipality. For exact locations, please contact our office.
Weedspraying is scheduled to begin on June 10th and will end on June 25th. That commencement date is approximate and dependent on weather conditions.
For further information contact:
The Township of Malahide – Ed Ens 519-773-8005
Or the office at 519-773-5344
Print out located here.