Malahide Council and Ward Structure

The Township of Malahide is governed by a Township Council consisting of the Mayor, who is the head of Council, a Deputy Mayor and 5 Ward Councillors. Council members are elected every four years by the citizens of Malahide. The Council represents and serves the people of Malahide.  

The Township is divided into 5 wards, and each Councillor serves a ward.  The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected at large and serve all wards. Your Ward Councillor represents you in Council and you can contact them with Township related problems, ideas or feedback.

The Township's ward map or interactive ward boundary map can help you find the ward you live in and who your Councillor is. 

Councillor Contact Information

Mayor Dave Mennill –     519-773-8850

Deputy Mayor Dominique Giguère – 548-888-6252

Ward 1 Councillor Mark Widner –    519-773-2426

Ward 2 Councillor Max Moore –   519-765-4088

Ward 3 Councillor Rick Cerna –    519-983-6899

Ward 4 Councillor Scott Lewis –    519-765-3834

Ward 5 Councillor Chester Glinski –   519-773-7216

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