Listed below are the regulatory by-laws that have wide application within the Township of Malahide. The documents provided are "consolidated" versions that incorporate all amendments passed by Township Council. On the opening page of each by-law document you'll find information on when the last amendment/consolidation occurred.

All by-law documents are in (pdf) format. To view or print them, you need a program such as Adobe Reader. This software is available free of charge.

Please note: The consolidated by-law documents you can access from our site are for information only and cannot be distributed or used for commercial purposes. The official version of all by-laws can be obtained from the Township Clerk's Department, Township Office, 87 John Street South, Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 2C3 or by calling (519) 773-5344 ext. 227. If requesting the official version of a by-law, please be sure to provide full address information for mailing purposes. A fee may apply to some document requests.


List of By-laws
By-law NameBy-law Description

Accessibility Plan 2021 - 2026

Multi-Year Joint Accessibility Plan 2021-2026

Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy Statement

 Asset Management Plan

Comprehensive long term plan for capital assets

Asset Management Policy

Policies and strategies that form framework for Township's Asset Management Process

Budget By-law - 2023

Adopt 2023 Budget

Building Fees By-law - 21-08

Establish Fee Structure for Building Permits

Council Code of Conduct - 19-26

Establish a Code of Conduct for Council Members

Council Remuneration By-law - 20-74 

Council Remuneration

Development Charge By-law 21-63

Establish development charges

Development Charges

Pamphlet Setting out Development Charges

Development Charges - Annual Treasurer's Statement - By-law 14-68

Annual Statement of Reserve Funds - 2016

Development Charges - Annual Treasurer's Statement By-law 14-68

Annual Statement of Reserve Funds - 2017

Development Charges - Annual Treasurer's Statement By-law 14-68

Annual Statement of Reserve Funds - 2018

Development Charges - Annual Treasurer's Statement By-law 14-68

Annual Statement of Reserve Funds - 2019

Development Charges - Annual Treasurer's 

Statement By-law 19-73

Annual Statement of Reserve Funds - 2020

Dog By-law 05-71

Regulate the keeping of dogs in the Township

Emergency Management Program and Response Plan By-law 11-79

Establish emergency management program and plan for the protection of public safety

 Fire & Emergency Fees By-law 21-06

Establish Fire and Emergency Services fees and charges

Health and Safety Policy

Establish health and safety policy for Township employees

Municipal Alcohol Policy

Establish areas and conditions for the use of alcohol in or on Township facilities

Noise By-law 10-65

Regulate noise in the Township

Official Plan

Establish policies to guide development in the Township

Open Air Burning By-law 12-96

Regulate the setting of fires in the Township

Parking By-law 03-12

Revision to parking of vehicles on Township Roadways

Parking By-law 01-61

Parking By-law 21-58

Regulate the parking of vehicles on Township Roadways

Procedural By-law 17-97

Establish policies to govern the procedures of the Council

Procedural By-law Amendment 20-23

Amendment to By-law 17-97

Procurement Policy

Purchasing Policy for Malahide

Property Standards

Standards for Maintenance and Occupancy of Property

Public Notice By-law 16-52

Provide for notice to the public as required under the Municipal Act, 2001

Reduced Load Period Restrictions- Roads - 14-89

To Establish a Reduced Load Period for Township Roads

Sewage Rates - By-law 22-96

Establish Sewage Rates - 2023

Springfield Sewage Works By-law 13-49

Regulate the control of discharges to the Springfield Sewage System

Use and Care of Municipal Right-of-ways By-law 19-87

 Use and Care of Municipal Right-of-ways

User Fee By-law 23-27

User fees and charges 2023

Waste Management Fees

Establish Waste Management Fees 2018

Water Rates - By-law 22-95

Establish Water Rates for 2023

Zoning By-law 18-22

Regulating the use of land, buildings and structures in the Township.


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