Malahide Tourism

Slow down, unplug, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Malahide. Travel along our scenic back roads and take the time to explore our charming villages, parks, walking trails, and well-maintained bike paths. Spend a day at the beach or indulge in the local experience at quaint shops and tranquil restaurants that showcase the region's flavors and crafts.

For those who love fresh produce, the options are abundant! You can pick your own fruits and vegetables right from the fields or visit roadside vendors offering seasonal delights. Malahide is a hub for farm-gate shopping, allowing you to support local farmers while enjoying the freshest ingredients.

Rooted in a rich heritage, Malahide offers a unique cultural experience that reflects its history and community spirit. Throughout the year, there are endless possibilities to explore—whether it's seasonal festivals, art exhibitions, or outdoor activities. No matter when you visit, you’ll find the beauty, warmth, and charm of Malahide inviting you to return time and again.

County of Elgin Tourism

Malahide Township is one of seven local municipalities in Elgin County. Together, these municipalities provide residents and visitors with a variety of unique experiences, including recreational and leisure activities, job opportunities, transportation, dining options, and stunning sightseeing opportunities. For more information on tourism, please refer to the websites listed below.


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