The Building Department is responsible for ensuring that all construction in the Township meets the required standards outlined in the Ontario Building Code, the Township of Malahide Zoning By-laws and other applicable laws and regulations. The building permit process assures that this mandate is achieved and protects the interests of homeowners, developers and the community.

A building permit is a licence which grants legal permission to begin construction of any new structure, addition or renovation.  The Building Development can provide you with the necessary forms, documents and approvals specific to your application. Although once the application is submitted, further documentation may be required if identified through the review process. 

Building Review Process

Applications are processed as quickly as possible depending on the complexity of the application, the completeness of drawings and information submitted and if referral to other departments is required. 

If a zoning change or minor variance is necessary, or if building plans must be altered to comply with the building codes, then the changes must be approved before a Building Permit can be issued.

Upon approval of the proposed construction, a Building Permit is granted to the applicant.

The construction must proceed as approved in the review process.

There will be inspections required for the project which will be conducted by the Building Inspector at each major phase of the construction.

The Inspector's duty is to ensure that the project is being carried out according to the Building Code, the Building Permit and the approved building plans. The individual responsible for the project must request each inspection with 24 hours advance notice given to the Building Inspector. If the Building Official finds, upon inspection, that some work does not conform to the approved plans or code, the owner will be advised (possibly with an order) that the situation is to be remedied. If the violation is deemed serious enough, the Building Official may post a stop-work order which will be in effect until the problem is resolved. If work on the project continues without resolution of the problem, legal action may be taken against the builder/owner. 

The builder must also bring any proposed deviations from the original plan to the attention of the Building Official so that they be approved or rejected in the same manner as the original building plans.

Call Before you Dig

Are you looking to build a deck or fence, put in a pool, or even do some landscaping?  Digging in the wrong spot could damage the underground network of utility lines thereby putting your property.  Call Ontario One Call before you dig – 1-800-400-2255. The services provided by ON1Call are free and are in place to protect you and your community from the loss of services and costly consequences that may occur.

Electrical safety permits

If you are doing any electrical work, you will need an electrical safety permit from the Electrical Safety Authority.

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