The Township of Malahide is subject to the  Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). The Act holds us accountable and ensures that information is publicly available. MFIPPA also allows you to submit a Freedom of Information request to access government information and requires us to protect personal information in our custody. 

Routine disclosure of records 

Some records can be requested directly from departments without submitting a formal Freedom of Information request:

  • Building and Property Records (with proof of ownership) can be requested via e-mail.                                                    
  • Environmental related records including orders, spills and contaminations can be requested via e-mail.
  • Fire Reports (with proof of ownership) can be requested via e-mail.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible.  If a document is not listed as one of these items, please contact the office to see if the document is routinely disclosed. 


The Township of Malahide will respond to your request within 30 calendar days upon receipt of the completed FOI Request form and fee. In the response, the Township will provide a decision on access to the requested records.

If the request cannot be completed within 30 days where it negatively affects the regular operations of the Township or where other individuals or third-parties may be affected by the possible release of information, Malahide Township will advise you of an extension and the anticipated date of a decision.

In addition to providing individuals with access to municipal records, the Act also requires the Township of Malahide to protect the personal privacy of individuals. Personal information is collected and used by the Municipality for very specific purposes, which are identified at the time of collection. Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than identified at the time of collection, nor disclosed in any circumstances, except as permitted by the Act.

If you feel your personal information has been misused or disclosed in a manner that is not consistent with the Act, please contact the Clerk at 519-773-5344 ext. 222 or the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

You can make a request to access records or have information corrected by filing a Freedom of Information Request Form.

Type of RequestFee
Application Fee $5.00 must be paid when you submit your request (either by cheque payable to Township of Malahide, or in cash or by debit card payable at Township Office, 87 John Street, South, Aylmer.
 Search Time  $7.50 per 1/4 hour required to search and retrieve records
 Record Preparation  $7.50 per 1/4 hour required to prepare records for release
 Photocopying  $0.20 per page
 Computer Programming  $15.00 per 1/4 hour if needed to develop program to retrieve information
 N.S.F. Cheques  $35.00

Where anticipated fees are $25.00 or more, you will be given a fee estimate. If the estimate of fees to be paid is $100.00 or more, you must pay 50% deposit before your request is processed.  For further information about fees under this legislation, contact the Clerk's Department  at 519-773-5344 ext. 222. 


If you're not satisfied with the response to your request for information or the fee estimate, you can make an appeal to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. You must file the appeal within 30 days of receiving the decision letter or fee estimate.

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