The property tax system is based on the practice of collecting taxes based on property values. Here's how it works.
The process begins by determining each property's assessed value. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) does this for the entire province of Ontario. Each property is assessed at its market value. Property values are then supplied to municipalities on annual assessment rolls. Municipalities complete the process by applying the appropriate tax rate to the assessed value of the property. Tax rates are determined annually in each municipality, and differ between the various tax classes (i.e. residential, industrial, commercial, etc.).

Sections 357 and 358 of the Municipal Act, 2001 provide municipalities with the authority to cancel, reduce or refund taxes based on specific criteria. If eligible, you will be requested to submit an Application Form.

Even though municipalities collect taxes on behalf of the Province, they only keep one portion for themselves. The Township of Malahide keeps about 46% of your property tax bill for municipal services and about 38% is  forwarded directly to the County of Elgin to finance the services that the County provides and the remaining 16% is forwarded directly to the various Boards of Education.

If you have any questions about your municipal property taxes or municipal tax rates, please contact the Finance Department - 519-773-5344 ext. 221.

If you have questions about your property assessment, please contact MPAC - 1-866-296-6722

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