Roads and Transportation

The Roads Division of the Public Works Department provides maintenance to both Township and County roads within the Municipality.

  • Talbot Line (Highway #3) is a Ministry of Transportation patrolled and maintained road.  If you have any concerns or inquiries in regards to maintenance on this highway, contact the MTO's maintenance contractor for this road – EMCON Services Inc. 24 Hour Service 1-855-557-8478
  • For any maintenance request within the municipality (excluding Talbot Line), please complete the Customer Service Request Form.

To view the St. Thomas Elgin Area Municipalities Standard Contract Document and Supplemental Specifications for Public Works, adopted by the Township of Malahide please click here

  • Contents of the Supplemental Specifications include the defined required materials, construction methods, allowable installation tolerances, and measured payment standards for Sewer Construction and Maintenance, Watermain infrastructure, Road Construction and paving, Sidewalk construction, Traffic Signal and Electrical works, Traffic Control and pavement marking, and Landscaping.


 Municipal Drain Information


For public safety reasons, it is necessary to regulate entrances within municipal road allowances.

The purpose of the Entrance Control Policy is to set criteria and design standards for implementing the approval, construction, and alteration of entrances, and to provide safe access to roads within the Township of Malahide Road System. 

A property owner may request to construct or alter an entrance by completing an Entrance Permit.

Half Load

The Township of Malahide would like to remind Commercial Vehicle Operators, that the Township places Load Restrictions on ALL of its roads from March 1 to April 30. A map of these roads can be found through the Elgin Mapping website. Drivers found to be in contravention of the By-law are subject to fines as set out in the Highway Traffic Act. Some specialized farm vehicles are exempt.

Road Occupancy and Oversize/Overweight Moving

For public safety reasons, it is necessary to regulate work being conducted on a road allowance or under a public roadway. Please complete a Road Occupancy Permit for any work on a municipal road within the Township of Malahide Road System.

Moving oversized or overweight loads along the Township of Malahide Road System will require the submission of the Oversize/Overweight Moving Permit.

If any part of the route will be an Elgin County Road, the Elgin County Oversize/Overweight Moving Permit must be completed and approved by Elgin County prior to submitting the Township of Malahide permit.


For various reasons, it may be necessary to remove mature trees along road allowances. The purpose of the Tree Trimming, Removal & Replacement Policy is to authorize the removal of trees along public road allowances for the purpose of road widening, maintenance and public safety.

  • A property owner may request for a tree located on Township property to be removed. Please make a request using the Customer Service Request Form.

  • The wood from removed trees will first be offered to those property owners adjacent to the tree removal. If not removed by the adjacent property owner, the wood will be marked as available for removal by any resident for a period of 10 business days, after which time municipal staff will remove and dispose of the wood.

Replacement trees shall be requested through the Tree Planting Program. The property owner will be responsible for the maintenance and care of new trees. To place an order, please contact the Township Office at 519-773-5344.

Winter Maintenance

 Winter Maintenance Information 

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