Civic Addressing refers to the blue and white number sign located in front of your property. These signs were installed for everyone's benefit. Please ensure that they are always visible from the road. Please do not let grass or snow build up and cover these signs. 

Emergency Service Vehicles (Ambulance, Fire, Police) are able to find your residence much easier because of this numbering system. If a sign is missing or vandalized it could cause an emergency service vehicle to have a delayed response.

Civic Addressing Fees
Civic Addressing Sign  $130.00 + HST
Civic Addressing Sign - 2nd & subsequent   $95.00 + HST
Civic Addressing Sign-replacement only  $46.00 + HST
Civic Addressing Sign - post only  $26.00 + HST
Civic Addressing Sign and post - replacement  $72.00 + HST


How this numbering system works?

If a road runs east and west - it is called a "Line".  Example - Talbot Line
If a road runs north and south - it is called a "Road".  Example - Imperial Road
If there is a private road - it is called a "Drive".  Example - Lakeview Drive
These rules apply to Malahide Township only - for certain roads that are boundary roads between two municipalities there are exceptions.  Example - Avon Drive

The numbers start in the south west quadrant of the Township and get larger as they go from east to north.  There could be several numbers in the Township that are the same; that is why it is very important when calling an emergency service that you give both the civic address number and the road name.

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