Dog Licences

The Township of Malahide provides Dog Control Services in accordance with By-law No. 05-71.  The Township of Malahide requires all dogs to be licenced. Licences must be purchased each year as per the Dog Licencing By-law. 

Why Licence your Dog

  • If your dog goes missing, having your dog licenced drastically improves your chance of getting them back safely.
  • A licence is immediately visible to anyone who finds your pet and shows that your pet belongs to someone.
  • Your dog is returned to its home faster and spends less time in the shelter.
  • If your dog is loose or involved in an emergency situation, the licence provides information needed to contact you.
  • It is a requirement to licence your dog.  If you do not, you are in contravention of the By-law.

How to Licence your Dog

The Township of Malahide dog licences are valid for one calendar year and the dog tags issued are permanent tags.  If you are registered in our system, the annual dog licence invoice will be mailed in January of the current calendar year.   

If you are a new dog owner, you can complete a registration form and submit it with payment and a dog licence will be provided to you.

2024 Dog Tag Fees 
                   PURCHASE BEFORE MARCH 31st                  PURCHASE AFTER MARCH 31ST
1 DOG - $17.60 1 DOG - $27.60
2 DOGS - $37.75 2 DOGS - $57.75
3 DOGS - $68.10 3 DOGS - $98.10
KENNEL - $72.50 KENNEL - $82.50

 Payment Options

  • In person at the Township Office
  • By cheque through regular mail or by depositing in the outside Drop Box located at the Township Office
  • Cheque payable to The Township of Malahide
  • Pay at your financial institution
  • Pay through Online/Telephone Banking, by setting up the Township of Malahide as a General or Miscellaneous payee 
  • E-Transfer your payment to Reference your invoice number, customer number or payment reason. Please note - e-transfers requiring a password are not accepted. 

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