Potential Savings on Property Insurance

The Township of Malahide is pleased to announce that Malahide Fire Services has acquired a Superior Tanker Shuttle Service (STSS) Certificate of Accreditation in Alternative Water Supply for Public Fire Protection for all four Malahide Fire Services Stations.

STSS accreditation is considered equivalent to hydrant protection and is recognized by the majority of insurance providers in Canada.

What does this mean to you, a ratepayer? If you are within 8 km by road of any Malahide Fire Station, you may be eligible to receive a significant cost reduction in your property fire insurance rates. Property owners living within an accredited coverage area are encouraged to contact their insurance provider to ensure their property is being rated appropriately by their insurance provider.

The Accreditation is good for five (5) years and expires in 2025. The Fire Underwriters Survey Letter authorizes the Township of Malahide being registered in the fire insurance grading index. The Township has posted the original - RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL:  Certificates of Accreditation for each Malahide Fire Station and Recognition for Fire Insurance Grading Certificate. These documents can be printed and provided to your insurance agent.

This map outlines the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service accredited areas for the Township of Malahide fire response areas. The areas outlined on this map are for reference purposes only. The blue shading identifies the areas and properties in the Township that are within an 8 km travel distance from Malahide Fire Stations. Property owners should verify the distance from their home to the nearest fire station identified on the map. Properties within an 8 km travel distance from their residence to the closest fire station are eligible for insurance reductions on their home insurance rates. Property owners should contact their insurance provider to ascertain if their insurance provider recognizes the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service accreditation program and offers savings on home insurance rates.

If you have any questions regarding the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service program please contact the Fire Chief 519-773-5344 Ext. 230.

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