In the Township there are many utility suppliers, including telecommunications, natural gas, and hydro.  

In the Township, the cable provider is Eastlink.
In the Township, the hydro provider is Hydro One.
In the Township, the primary provider is Eastlink.
Natural Gas

In the Township, depending on your property location, the natural gas suppliers are Epcor and Enbridge Gas Inc. (Union Gas and Enbridge Distribution have merged).


In the Township, the home telephone provider is Eastlink.

 Water/Waste Water
The Township provides municipal water and wastewater services within the Township boundaries.  There are a few properties that are near the boundaries of the Township and the Town of Aylmer that are serviced by ERTH Power.

Call Before you Dig

Are you looking to build a deck or fence, put in a pool, or even do some landscaping?  Digging in the wrong spot could damage the underground network of utility lines thereby putting your property at risk. 

Contact Ontario One Call (ON1Call) before you dig at 1-800-400-2255 or visit their website. The services provided by ON1Call are free and are in place to protect you and your community from the loss of services and costly consequences that may occur.

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