Located in the Southwestern Ontario, Malahide is situated amongst Canada’s most productive agricultural land. The diverse natural heritage system is an added benefit, comprising forests, wetlands and the Lake Erie shoreline which results in a diverse ecosystem and strong biodiversity. Our land is one of Malahide’s key strengths and we must respect the land as its stewards.

The rural lifestyle and quality of the natural environment in Malahide are highly valued by its’ residents. Strong emphasis is placed on sustaining agricultural lands, forests, wetlands, and the connection to water. Maintaining the integrity of the land is thus seen as a priority, particularly when planning the growth of Malahide’s communities.

There are numerous natural areas dispersed across Malahide, situated on public and private lands. All residents, organizations and agencies have a role in nurturing our environmental lands as individual green spaces collectively make up the larger ecosystems and watersheds. The Catfish Creek Conservation Authority is a key partner with the Township in the preservation and stewardship of the local natural heritage system. Over two-thirds of the Conservation Area’s lands are located within Malahide comprising 775 acres of conservation areas including the Springwater Forest, Archie Coulter Conservation Area, the Calton Swamp Wetland Complex, and a number of smaller properties. Additionally, the Port Bruce Provincial Park and the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area are two notable environmental features in Malahide, along with a number of Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI).

Other conservation areas that have watershed areas in Malahide are Kettle Creek Conservation Authority and Long Point Conservation Authority.




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