Zoning By-law

The Township of Malahide Zoning By-law is a legal document used to control the use and development of properties and buildings. Zoning classifies properties into categories such as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural. Each of these categories has legally enforceable regulations attached to them such as the allowable size of a property, the location and size of buildings on the property, and the number of parking spaces that must be provided.

The Township's Zoning By-law is available for review in it's entirety through the links provided below. In addition to the below links, zoning can also be accessed through Elgin Mapping, an online interactive mapping service. 

The Township's Development Services Coordinator can also assist with determining the correct zoning and interpretation of the Zoning By-law for your property. 

Zoning By-law Amendment Process

Changes to the Zoning By-law may be obtained from time to time by following the applicable Zoning By-law Amendment process. Zoning By-law amendments are reviewed and considered by the Council for the Township of Malahide at a public meeting. Further information regarding the process is provided in the Zoning By-law Amendment Application Form, which can be accessed from the Planning Applications & Fees page, or obtained at the Township of Malahide office during regular office hours.

Those seeking or interested in applying are strongly encouraged to speak with Township planning staff prior to submitting a Zoning By-law Amendment application. Please contact the Township's Development Services Coordinator.

The Citizens' Guide - Zoning By-Laws is a resource from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing that provides more information on Municipal Zoning By-laws and the amendment process.

Zoning By-law Consolidated 
 Zoning By-law - Text by Section
 Zoning By-law - Key Maps by Section



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