Each year, Council approves a budget that is primarily made up of operating, capital and water/wastewater.

  • Operating - The operating budget consists of annual revenues and expenditures to provide municipal services such as winter control, parks maintenance, garbage collection, by-law enforcement and fire services.  
  • Capital - The City’s capital budget funds infrastructure assets that enable or support service delivery. It includes the cost of purchase, construction, repair and renewal of assets such as roads, bridges, fleet, equipment, and community centres, and other major infrastructure projects. 
  • Water and Wastewater - The water and wastewater budgets are user fee funded budgets that enable the Township to provide sustainable water and sewer services, maintain current infrastructure and equipment.

Funding of operating and capital budgets is achieved through user fees, service charges, reserves, grants and property taxation.  The amount of revenue required from property taxation determines the tax rates each year.

Finance Budget Documents

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