Pre-authorized Payment (PAP) Plan offers you the convenience of having no cheques to write, no worries about overdue payments, no large lump-sum payments, and no line-ups at your bank. Enrollment in a Plan is free.  Eligibility in the tax PAP program requires tax accounts to be paid up-to-date. 

PAP - Step One – Pay your current bill
Your account must be paid in full for any taxes levied. If you have just received a bill, you must send your payment separately from the plan. 
PAP - Step Two - Choose Your Payment Option 
  • Monthly:  Payments on the 1st business day of each month.  The Township of Malahide will process a debit, to be withdrawn monthly from January to October on the 1st business day of each month and the balance of your current yearly taxes in November.   A letter will be mailed in October with notification of the November amount. 


  • Semi-Monthly: Payments on the 15th and 30th of each month.  The Township of Malahide will process a debit, to be withdrawn bi-monthly from January to November on the 15th and 30th business day of each month.  Please note this option is not available for supplementary taxes. 


  • Installment (Quarterly): Payments on the tax installment due dates of March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and November 15th.  Property taxpayers receive two tax bills per year, an interim tax bill in February (for tax installment dates March 15th and June 15th) and a final tax bill in August (for tax installment dates September 15th and November 15th). Both bills (4 installments) add up to your yearly property taxes.
PAP - Step Three - Fill out an application

There are several ways to receive an authorization form:

  • Download the PDF format of the Pre-authorized Payment Enrollment Form here
  • Contact us by e-mail at
  • Send your request to us in writing to Township of Malahide, 87 John Street South, Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 2C3, or fax us at (519)773-5334. Please write your name, address, and telephone number on your request.
  • Contact us by phone at (519)773-5344, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

PAP - Step Four - Return your completed application to the Township Office

 To ensure prompt enrollment in the PAP plan be sure to:
  1. Enclose an unsigned cheque marked 'void'
  2. Identify your roll number (the 19 digit number starting with 34 08)
  3. Identify your property address
  4. Sign the form
  5. There are two ways to send us your application:  
  • By mail to: Township of Malahide, 87 John Street South Aylmer ON N5H 2C3; or,
  • by fax to: (51)773-5334
PAP - Plan Questions and Answers

This authorization will not be required each year. However, every year, you will be notified of your new payment amounts for the following taxation year.

Note: If you are moving within the Township of Malahide, your pre-authorized payment account is NOT transferable. You must complete a new application form. If your banking information changes or if you wish to withdraw from the plan, you must provide the Township of Malahide with 30 days written notice.


There is a service fee for all items returned from your banking institution, such as for insufficient funds. Subscribers to the PAP Plan, who have more than one returned item in a year, will be removed from the plan. The balance of the taxes will become due on the regular due dates and subject to standard penalties and interest of 1.25% per month for any late payments.


What’s not included in the Pre-authorized Payment Plan?

Supplementary Tax Bills.  If you are enrolled in the Township's PAP Plan and receive a supplementary bill for improvements to your property, the terms and conditions of the plan require you to pay these tax charges separately by the due date stated on the bill.

Who is eligible to enroll in the plan?

You are eligible if all of your property taxes are paid in full up to your chosen start date.

How does the PAP program work?

After enrolling into the program, our office will send you a letter advising of payment details and amounts. The program runs per calendar year beginning in January, although enrollment can begin at any time during the year. The payment amount is calculated using the previous year’s total tax levy increased by 5% (this allows for any possible tax increases) and then divided by 11 for monthly PAP, or 22 for semi-monthly PAP.  Once the actual current year’s levy is known mid-September, you will be notified by letter of the adjusted amounts for the final 2 payments for monthly PAP or final 4 payments for semi-monthly.  There are no payments in December.

If I register in the PAP plan will I receive a tax bill?

Yes. Plan subscribers will receive their final tax bill for their review and records.  If you select the Quarterly Plan with payments due on the four Installment dates, you will receive a bill indicating the pre-authorized automatic withdrawal on each the two installment due dates for both the interim and the final tax bill.

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